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Gday Mate! Good on ya! I dunno, any volunteer translater please?I dunno, any volunteer translater please? I dunno, any volunteer translater please?I dunno, any volunteer translator please? Click to read in Bahasa Malaysia Language. Malaysia Boleh!Dun play play! Sure can one! Sawadee Krup!Yeehah! God saves the queen!Mabuhay! Namaste!Ayuh! Bisa Dong! Moshi Moshi!I dunno, any volunteer translator please? I dunno, any volunteer translator please?I dunno, any volunteer translater please? I dunno, any volunteer translater please?Football ya? I dunno, any volunteer translater please?Real Madrid or Barcelona? How are you?Enjoy and may the Power be with you!
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About (One MISSION, Simple Philosophy)

A badminton player needs a quality and affordable racket to start with. With ever growing inflation in prices, badminton has a tendency to be a game for only the rich. I am also a passionate badminton player having played competitively for 20 years now, and my mission is to allow everyone in the world to afford a good quality racket without having to burn a hole in their pocket.

With my experience of being able to communicate professionally and relate with players at all levels, it will certainly help in reaching out to those who like to play badminton. Other value added services like stringing and coaching experience also adds to the appreciation of Extreme Power Badminton. Not many vendors can provide such a service.

Players of all levels are beginning to know and associate with Extreme Power Badminton rackets and grips. It will surely be a brand to reckon with in the coming future. Simple reason being that people can comprehend with the meaning of Extreme Power when they play.

A special 1 to 1 Coaching is available. Satisfaction proven and guaranteed. You'll get a good sparring partner.

This is not the greatest and grandest website. It aim is to fulfill a simple dream. I welcome suggestions and recommendations to improve this site. Action speaks louder than words.

I would like to thanks all the supporters of Extreme Power badminton made this brand successful. Looking forward for more supports from you and recommends your good friends and relatives to join in. I aspire to make this the BEST racket in the world. I hope to achieve more philantropic work. 

One great leader said. If you can't do something significant, Do something meaningful.

Thank you.

Mr. Yours truly.
Website Owner
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Email: xtremexn@gmail.com

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