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ronald susilo peter gade Lin Dan Taufik Hidayat badminton lee chong wei badminton lee yong dae wang shi xiang

The primary MISSION is to create new interest and help all players (both male and female) to improve and enjoy badminton to the extreme level. Our aim is also to help make badminton affordable to all players. This site is open to all new and experienced badminton players. Due to the interest and dynamics of the game, you will need all the help to make you a better player. Do visit this site again and again to keep yourself at the highest level of this beautiful and elegant sport.

If you need any of the badminton products, feel free to email or call us. See the tips section for FREE badminton tips on how to become a better player. This is the first website in the world to provide support and services related to badminton matters. I hope you can appreciate it.  Badminton is a passionate game. I am sure you agree with this for simple reason that you are reading this. 

This site will continue and progressively be enhanced. Do provide tips on how to make this the best site in the world. We appreciate your kindness in visiting and recommending this humble site. Direct from a fellow netizen to netizen.  We hope with all the tips, it encourages you to support Extreme Power Badminton. With such a good number of visitors, I am sure many like you have enjoyed it.

badmintonExtreme Power Badminton rackets are made from the finest and quality materials (OEM). Ranging from the latest Extreme Power Z-force Ltd, EP 888, Nano Matrix, Z-9000 to Extreme Power Junior, 18 and 18L; these rackets are carefully chosen mold (OEM). They are CLASSICs; recommended by existing international, ex-international players and coaches. They are second to none. Just try it. Read more details about each one of these magnificent rackets on the links.

(Worldwide) Agents, managers, coaches, teachers and captains welcome.  If you happen to know anyone who may keen to sell these rackets and grips, please contact me on their behalf. Some are just shy to approach us. We appreciate your assistance and thank you.

R u the contender? Wanna spar with me?!SHUTTLES, GRIPS, OTHER ACCESSORIES & COACHINGR u the contender? Wanna spar with me?!

Using the finest hand selected goose feathers, these shuttlecocks can easily outlast any shuttles. In fact, the longer you play with this shuttles, the better it feels. Giving you more power, consistent, precise control and flight. It is a Tournament Grade shuttle and cheaper! Also good for strokes as well as practice.

More than 20 years experience and specialize badminton stringing service available. Just take a peek at some of the hard earned trophies won. There are more than that in actual. 

We can do a comprehensive 1-to-1 coaching. The advantage is that there is more focus and it will fast-track you to learn faster. Group coaching is a waste of time and money for serious people! With a University  Degree, Qualified NROC Certified Coach and 20 years of Competitive experience in hand, We can easily communicate and provide anyone with a high quality performance training at a comfortable level or pace.  Young, old, male and female are welcome. We don't discriminate. You are never too young, old, lousy or good to learn something new. Once you get the correct strategy to play, you are off to become a happy, confident and a hard to beat player. You will get more respect. Nice to have correct?

Reason for encouraging you to a proper coaching session is because you will benefit playing the game in the long run (less effort and you know you are doing the right thing in terms of strategy, strokes and footwork), rather than going through the "School of Hard Knocks" (learn from painful mistakes). A good strategy comes from competitive experience players (Some coaches are not competitive and they wouldn't know what strategies are available, they have not gone through a full competitive cycle; some are lazy or just too old to spar with you).
Click here to see my favourites youtube videos.

You'll waste your effort and time and also get very frustrated when you are not winning the game and not getting the strategies, fundamentals and strokes correct. This is our value add to you! Hope you like it. You should be improving your game through our coaching best practices & methodology in just a few sessions (8-10 sessions should be enough). Re-assured that you'll get satisfaction from sparring with us. Many want more!!! You enjoy winning more games in life and happier. Let the others be looser & miserable.  Extreme Power Badminton academy is the best singapore badminton school you can get.
There's a great saying "With GREAT power comes GREAT responsibility !!!"

For Remote coaching or those not in Singapore or have limited budget, visit


R u the contender? Wanna spar with me?!Again, get the rackets lor!Please forward this site to your relatives or friends. Thanks!Again, get the rackets lor!  R u the contender? Wanna spar with me?!

If you know anyone who is sick with Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Diabetics. Click here (Free for my students to drink this). More expensive than Evian waters. Free for all my students. What are you waiting for?


A cute little sports gift for you and your friends.


Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the light bulb and so much more, said that Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.

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