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Below are the links are some top secret drills which will help you to become an awesome badminton player. A very comprehensive end to end coaching site.

These techniques and drills are a must to learn and it is used by even the best players in the world. It may look easy and fundamental but without doing it consistently, you will never improve. The more you practice, the better you get. No shortcuts. Do it diligently with discipline. Practice makes perfect. No numbness, no gain. You need not reach the pain barrier.

Your improvement is based on your intensity which you applied when you are in the court. You just need to push yourself to a higher level all the time. Different folks have differing pace. So, as you get better, the intensity of the speed and power must be increased. Tune your shots to near perfection.

The more you train and the number of shots you hit matters. If you hit 1000 times, it matters; and if you hit 1001 times, it matters more. If you don't train consistently, you will make silly mistakes giving points away. This is a big killer. Professionals train on these 6 times a week minimum. So how many days will you train?

With hardwork, dedication and sparring opportunities, you will reach the level which you want to achieve. Patience is key. Participating in tournaments also gives you more exposures. The experience is totally different.

If you don't have a coach or a sparring partner, you can always do shadow drills or dry runs; you don't even need a badminton racket to do it. Simple as that. Self discipline. Nothing can substitute passion with a good attitude.

Always analyse your training to see if you have improved since day one. Use a video starting from day one and see the improvements you had. If you are not improving, it means you are no longer motivated. You will need to relax and find ways to improve yourself. Ask me or your coach. Take videos of your game and send to me, I will help and analyse your game. This is the fastest way to be better.

Hope this helps. Watch it again and again as I may update the videos. There are descriptions for you to read in the videos to help you understand better. Use google translate if to convert to your native language. It helps other coaches as well.


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Tap shots. Stays near T joint.
Tap shots
Net shots
Net shots that spins
Strong defence and counter attackes
Strong Defence drills
Bullet shots. Speed.
Bullet drive shots
Persistent 10 smashes
Persistent smashes
4 corners court coverage
4 corners court coverage
Transition smash and tap
Transition smash and taps
Front and back movements
Front and back stamina and mental drill
Jump smash
Drop shot and slice
Side step opponent
Side step opponent trick shot
Low serve. Must practice a lot.
Low serve
Flick serve
Flick serve
drive to pressure opponents
Drive shots to keep shuttles low
Jump smash
Jump smash 
Sparring with coach.
Sparring with coach.

Tips below to keep you strong.
Be kind man.

Stretch to relax your back and neck
Push ups
Wrist and hand power
Knee strength
Core body strength
Speed running

Extra Tips

How to apply badminton grips
Stringing high tension racket
Choosing good shuttles.
Stop snoring to save your life.
Heel protection with extra cushioning
How to use fix plantar fasciitis (base foot pain or ankle pain) Very common injury.
How to use ankle splint to reduce ankle base pain
How to use finger splint to reduce finger or thumb pain

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Some good books to read which can help you to be a better badminton player or a person in general. Keeps your mind open and healthy.

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The Magic of Thinking Big - David Schwartz

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