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About (One MISSION, Simple Philosophy)

I started badminton when I was in primary school. I learned them from the school of hard knocks. haha. I started off playing leisurely with my elder brothers. They whipped me badly. Lucky enough that I am a very determined person, I developed the passion to play badminton. It can be addictive for many people. I represented and captained my primary and secondary schools and even at college and at my University in Australia. I was also selected for the Australian varsity team. I even won many badminton tournaments; notably the Canberra Open in Australia in 1992, as well as other local Singapore tournaments. I am still winning tournaments at veterans levels nowdays. Just for the fun of it. See my Instagram collection pictures below.

The learning process was tough initially, there were so many areas to improve on. The pain and the agony and of course the numbness. Lucky enough my strong passion persisted until today. Sparring with the top Malaysian national players helps a lot. It is brutal but fun. The speed and confidence are at a different level compared to state levels.

After I graduated from the Australian university, some of my friends persuaded me to venture into coaching (early 1990s). Well, I thought, why not give it a try since I have already played at the highest level. This is where I developed my coaching passion. I passed my coaching certificates with distinctions at both level 1 (diploma level) and level 2 (degree level). Majority stays at level 1. The acceptance was so overwhelming that I even had a 7 hours coaching session in a single day (OMG). Badminton can be very addictive once you gets the hang to it. People just want more. It is a pleasure to impart my knowledge to others. I also decided to take up Singapore citizenship after they invited me 3 times.

During my work with Multinational companies like HP and SAP, I gets the chance to traveled around the world; I was so addicted that I even brought my badminton racket along with me to play after office hours. Most countries do have badminton social games. Just be courageous to go to a hall and ask around. Now days is easier using web search (I don't have that luxury in 90s).

My next thought was why not create badminton rackets? So I did some OEM rackets and it was very well accepted because the quality can easily match with those so called branded ones. There are thousands of racket designs readily available. Just choose a few good ones and let other good players try them. Sold thousands of them. The technology is also getting better and stronger nowdays. Creativity also helps.

The Extreme Power brand was developed through my playing style. I like to do a lot of jump smashes during my competitive days. So, when I jump, I will hold the racket firmly and give my hardest smash. The aim is to kill using a single smash if possible. Maximise the strength and power. Hence the 'Extreme Power' brand was born.

I value add by stringing rackets for students and others. A one stop badminton service. I learned stringing from all the top stringing gurus in various countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. They string for professionals in big tournaments. I have now even my KISS stringing methodology. (Keep It Simple, Stupid). I also train people in stringing. It's easy to learn. 2 hours only. I teach them to fish for life.

My main focus is still in badminton coaching. There is no better feeling than seeing my students grow to be better players. With my college degree, it also allows me to communicate effectively and with ease. Different students have different behaviours and styles of communicating.

Players of all levels are familiar with Extreme Power Badminton now. I also developed a good coaching methodology over the years. Good drills with customised intensity. My drill are a must for all badminton players be it novice or professionals. The only different is the level of intensity. They better you are the more intensed it is. (Ready?). I am the 1st to use video analytics in Singapore. It helps to learn faster. On my main website, there are also good tips on how to beat all the world's top players. There is even a web based end to end training tips for remote enthusiasts. Cool mate?

I would like to thanks all the supporters of Extreme Power badminton who made this brand successful. It has been 20 years. Recommend your good friends or relatives to me. Extreme Power Badminton Academy is the TOP badminton school. I guarantee that all my students will be very satified after each single session. I hope to be like Loh Kean Yew who was the world champion in 2021. The aim is to raise badminton standards for Singapore. Anyway, if you need me to be the head of coaching department, do let me know. Am glad to use my wonderful experience to help you out. Do share this great short story with your friends.

One great leader said. If you can't do something significant, Do something meaningful.

Thank you.

Mr. Yours truly.
Website Owner
My other sites below.
taipingkakis.blogspot.com (for those who like travelling)
Email: xtremexn@gmail.com

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