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  With 30 years of competitive badminton experience, you get great professional services. There are good racket promotion offer below. While stocks last.

Make these rackets yours. My dream is for you to own these great rackets. If you are a badminton player, you would want to own it!!  Do share it !!!  

For International orders, you can pay through Paypal or Western Union transfers. I've sent to countries like USA, Europe, Australia and Canada many times using registered post. Just click on the Buy Now button below to make easy payments. I will send you a Registered Tracking Number for delivery assurance.  International or local Affiliates and Agents welcome. 


Extreme Power Z-Force Limited

badminton racket badminton racketsbadminton
Extreme Power Z-force with LYD-LTD mold (Special New Series 2012 Edition). Light Frame, 82g. Good weight for Control and Power. For attackers or Offensive Power Players. Many like this design. Enhanced Dynamic Isometric Frame. More sweet spots. Easy to control. Max 32lbs. $150sgd only. Comes with Yonex bg66 string and grip.
Stronger and more durable frame than most brands in the world. 

Just let me know when you want to collect it. The good comments below speaks for itself. Thanks. 

Customer comments: Strongest racket so far in the market. Really nice hit with high tension. Very good. So shiok ah.

Extreme Power888
badminton racketbadminton racketsbadminton
Extreme Power 888 (New Series). Light Frame, 85g. Good weight for Smashing and Slicing. For attackers or Offensive Power Players. Many hooked to this one. Many offensive players like it. Enhanced Dynamic Isometric Frame. More sweet spots. Easy to drill around. Max 32lbs.  May 888 prosperity and happiness be with you and your family. $200sgd only. Stronger and more durable than most brands in the world. Right click on the picture to see it bigger. Download it.  

There is also a BLACK Limited edition. Out of stock.

If you want the racket, email me and let me know when you want to collect it. The good comments below speaks for itself. While stocks last. Thanks. 

Customer comments: Solid and Good smashing power. I use it for weight training to improve my power. Great offence. Oh oh, I also just love this model. Good solid stuff. Well done! I ordered it from Australia!


WORLD FIRST with TRANSFORMER  cool design & font!!)
75g (~5g). Light and Balanced, Better Control and defense. Max 30lbs.
Muscle Power Re-Inforced frame with Mid-stiffness.
Also one of the strongest and lightest racket in the world. $100sgd only.

Customer comments: This new mold is lighter and tougher than my others. Awesome & great stuff !!
Superb stuff ! I ordered it from USA !
  I love light rackets.


Extreme Nano Power  Z9000 Matrix

Extreme Nano Power - Z-9000 Matrix
NEW Z-9000 Matrix Technology. Getting popular now!
80g (~5gz). Head Heavy, Good punch with Zig-Zag Design. Holds tension better.
Strong nice Colour. Max 28lbs. $100sgd only.

Customer comments: Solid stuff. Nice wonderful and creative design. Certainly as good if not better than the expensive ones. I should have bought it earlier and enjoy it. I ordered it from Canada.

Promotion: $80 now.

Extreme Power 18L & 18

Extreme Power 18L. 88g. Balanced between shaft and frame. Long body with extra reach. Very nice black and white colour with gold wording and touch up. Good for both singles and doubles. Offensive players like it. $100sgd only.

Material used: Toray Hi-Modulus Graphite
Origin: Japan
Shaft : Flexible
Racket length: 665 mm plus minus 2mm
Grips size: No. 2 ( 3 1/4)
Racket weight : 87-88.5g
Balance point: 285 - 295 mm
Tension : 30lbs

Customer comments: Flexible and Unique design. Simple colours. Helps me in singles and doubles. I ordered it from Denmark.

Extreme Power 18. 78g. Max 28lbs. Balanced between shaft and frame. Very nice dark blue colour with gold wording and touch up. Quite popular for beginners and intermediates. $90sgd only.

Customer comments: Easy control. Nice for a conservative person like me. Great feeling! Ordered from UK.

Promotion: $70 now. 

Extreme Power JUNIOR Edition

children racket
World's 1st Graphite Extreme Power Junior Racket. World First !!! Only 24 inches long. LATEST DESIGN. VERY LIGHT. Similar to the high-end 888 model above. A good gift item for children from 3 years old to 12 years old. Highest quality graphite racket. Doesn't rust. A high quality Classic. Many parents bought it for their own children. If kids use normal rackets over a period of time, it'll be too heavy for them. This is light and good. $60sgd only. Length and specification recommended by Badminton Associations. If you love your children, get one for  them. Recommend your friends as well.

Customer comments: My children loves it. Truly much lighter than the normal rackets. Certainly the best design racket for children. They are much motivated to play. Very impressive and innovative indeed.

No other sellers can give you such a professional service. Email for assistance.

Die-die must try friend!

A nice little gift for yourself and friends below.
Nice phrase: If you can't do something significant, Do something meaningful.
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