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 Extreme Power Badminton
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Shuttles and Grips

New Badminton Shuttles and Grips!
Good Superior Tournament Grade (GOLD model). Very popular among good and advance players.
The longer you play, the better it feels and consistent as well. Other brands quality will fluctuate causing frustrations. Unlike others where it slows down a lot !
Can also be used for training after use.
I run out of stock quite fast on this brand. Extremely popular.
Do let me know early if you want it. Value for money compared to others.
Only $27sgd a tube. As good as AS40 model for Yonex. Other brands selling at $30sgd or more.
Inform your Manager, Captain or Coach to try it! Must try!

It is also good to ask your manager/captain to try out half Sealion and the other half which you normally use. Lets see which shuttle feels better. Good idea? No harm correct? Freedom to choose! I PERSONALLY use this shuttle in my competitive group social game. There are 2 different speed to choose from. 4.8 slower or 4.9 faster.

This shuttle is also lighter than others which makes it easier for you to play. It takes less effort. There's also advantage in getting a higher speed shuttle so that the flight will be more consistent when it has been used for a few points. You can also clip the feathers to control the speed. 

Unlike other shuttles where it is heavy and slow, you can no longer speed them up and the speed will get slower and worst off as the game progress. In other words, there is no consistency. If you want Protech PT-10, the cost is $30++ a tube. Anything more than $28 is crazy. Lousy shuttles will break its feathers easily. No longer value for money because 1 game will take 2 shuttles at most (for advance players who smash a lot).

New Grip Design below. First in the world ! The BEST !

These Japanese grips are very popular as well. Very NICE ASSORTED colours. $4sgd each only. Shops selling at $7++. If you take 5 pieces, more discounts. Am using these. Best in town !!!

Guaranteed 100% non-slip due to Maximum absorption. Super cushy feel to ensure Maximum comfort and firmness. Especially designed for Natural Wet-hands.
I can also post it to you. Just add 2sgd for postage. Good for Tennis and Squash grips as well.
Best quality towel grip available. Only in rolls. $22 can apply 18 rackets. Super good value. You can sell to your friends if it is too much for you. Free tips on how to apply grip link is here.

You can deposit the money into my Account first, then I'll send to you.
Saves you lots of time and money, taking a bus, waste petrol money or pay for parking.

Re-stringing is $16 for bg66 string. bg65  $15, nanogy98/Ultimax $20 only. All inclusive. 

No other sellers can give you such a professional service. Email  now for queries or collections.


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